Bluetooth Profiles : HID Profile and HCRP

Bluetooth HID and HCRP profiles
Figure: HID profile and HCRP
These profiles allows peripherals to connect to a Bluetooth-enabled computer wirelessly.

Human Interface Device (HID) Profile

HID profile is adopted from USB specification. HID profile enables peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, game pad, drawing pad, and joystick to be connected to a Bluetooth-enabled computer. Typically, computer peripherals don't have a screen, therefore device and service discovery process must be simpler (no user input) and faster. A button is usually provided for pairing purpose.

Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile (HCRP)

HCRP allows two Bluetooth devices to connect as if they were connected using cable. HCRP is mostly used for connecting printer to computer and provides printing functions similar to when using cable. Meanwhile, handhelds (PDAs) and mobile phones do not use HCRP for printing wirelessly to a Bluetooth printer, instead they support Basic Printing Profile (BPP) which provides simple printing functions without requirement for installing printer-specific drivers.

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