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Networking Guide : Network Topologies

In ring topology, each node is connected to two nearby nodes and the overall configuration forms a loop. A ring network doesn't introduce a single point of failure but it is relatively more expensive. Token Ring network is an example of LAN technology that uses ring topology.

ring topology
Picture: Ring Topology
Each node is attached to a closed loop.

In mesh topology, nodes are interconnected to one another in a mesh structure. Mesh topology is very reliable because it can provide alternative routes in forwarding a message from a sending node to its destination node. But it is more difficult to manage and more expensive. Mesh topology is supported by the new home monitoring system based on ZigBee technology. The most recent development in community (municipal) Wi-Fi network, mesh topology is used to share a broadband Internet connection. The new specification of WiMAX Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) also supports mesh topology.

mesh topology with mesh nodes and mesh hub/gateway
Picture: Mesh Topology diagram
Nodes interconnected in a mesh structure.

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