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Bluetooth profiles list

A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile HCRP: Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile
AVRCP: Audio Video Remote Control Profile HFP: Hands-Free Profile
BIP: Basic Imaging Profile HID: Human Interface Device Profile
BPP: Basic Printing Profile HSP: Headset Profile
CIP: Common ISDN Access Profile OPP: Object Push Profile
CTP: Cordless Telephony Profile PAN: Personal Area Networking Profile
DI: Device Identification Profile PBAP: Phonebook Access Profile
DUN: Dial Up Networking Profile SAP: SIM Access Profile
ESDP: Extended Service Discovery Profile SDAP: Service Discovery Application Profile
FAX: Fax Profile SPP: Serial Port Profile
FTP: File Transfer Profile SYNC: Synchronization Profile
GAP: Generic Access Profile VDP: Video Distribution Profile
GAVDP: General Audio Video Distribution Profile WAP: WAP over Bluetooth Profile
GOEP: Generic Object Exchange Profile  

Select a Bluetooth profile from the drop-down box on the right that facilitates the application described on the left.

1. Two Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones exchange PIM data such as business cards and notes.
2. Bluetooth-enabled computers or devices connects to one another in an ad hoc network and access another network (LAN or WAN) via an access point.
3. A Bluetooth device will search for available services in another Bluetooth device in its surrounding before starting a service.
4. Simple and quick wireless printing of items stored in mobile phone or handheld devices such as text messages, business cards, notes and pictures. It doesn't require a printer driver installation.
5. Desktop or laptop PC connects to the Internet using cell phone as dial-up modem.
6. Standard cordless drawing pad, game console, mouse and keyboard as computer's input devices.
7. Streaming stereo audio from an MP3 player or mobile phone to wireless headphone.
8. Browsing folders and files in handhelds or smart phones on a PC using Windows Explorer or other software.
9. Streaming video wirelessly from PC or media server to TV.
10. Car stereo and microphone is used to receive and place calls for cell phone. Popular solution when regulation keeps driver from holding a cell phone.
11. Sending fax from laptop using cell phone as fax modem.
12. Mobile phone's SIM card is used by car phone to make or receive calls.
13. Remote controlling Windows Media Player or the likes from a wireless headphone.
14. Mobile phone functions as cordless telephone when near a base station connecting it to a landline network.
15. Mobile phones talk over Bluetooth to one another in a walkie-talkie style without going through operator's network.
16. Connecting GPS device to PC via a virtual COM port.
17. Synchronizing mobile phone's address book with an email client's (e.g. MS Outlook). 
18. Wireless headset works as audio input/output device for mobile phone, PDA, or PC.
19. Mobile phone controls the shutter of a digital camera and browse or retrieve its content.
20. Cordless phone or laptop connects to an ISDN network via an ISDN access point.