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Stratellite Internet Access

Stratellite is an airship that stays afloat in the stratosphere at an altitude of 65,000 feet and functions as a relay station that receives and retransmits signals from/to the ground. Stratellite doesn't orbit the earth, it is stationed at a fixed coordinate. A stratellite is used to blanket a city or a region with Internet access and other telecom services. It is cheaper than satellite and considered more viable for providing two-way broadband communication due to its closer distance to earth. The word "stratellite" is a trademark owned by Sanswire Networks, LLC, the company that plans to launch and operate stratellites. Stratellite (or the likes) concept has been around for years, but significant commercial deployment hasn't materialized.

Stratellite Internet access
Picture: Stratellite
A stratellite blankets a city with Internet access.

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