Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) : PANU to PANU direct connection

Bluetooth setting

Now, configure Bluetooth radio on the desktop. Make it discoverable, so the laptop can find it. You can do this by opening Bluetooth Devices window on Control Panel, then select Options tab. Tick "Turn discovery on" checkbox. Click Apply and OK.

'Turn discovery on' for Bluetooth on the desktop

Configuring the Bluetooth-enabled desktop to be discoverable

From the laptop, do a search for available Bluetooth devices. You can do this by right clicking Bluetooth taskbar icon and then select "Add a Bluetooth Device" to open the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard. After the desktop is discovered, pair it with the laptop by exchanging a passkey. Follow the instructions on the Wizard. The paired desktop will appear on the Bluetooth Devices window.

Add a Bluetooth Device from Bluetooth taskbar icon   after the desktop has been paired with the laptop, it appears on the Bluetooth Devices window with 'passkey enabled'

Adding the desktop from the taskbar icon, pairing it with the laptop

At this stage, the PAN service must have been enabled. You can make sure if PAN service is enabled on the desktop by highlighting it and clicking Properties. For easy reference, on this demo the computers have been named as Laptop and Desktop (from System Properties window).

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