Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) : PANU to PANU direct connection

Disconnecting the PAN

To end the PANU-to-PANU direct connection from the Laptop, on Network Connections folder right click Bluetooth Network Connection and select View Bluetooth Network Devices to open the Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices window, select the Desktop icon and click Disconnect.

Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices: disconnect from an ad hoc network (PAN)

Disconnect from the ad hoc network
via Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices


Two devices (computers) that support PAN service as PAN User (PANU) can be connected together in an ad hoc network running TCP/IP. Both computers are able to share resources and run other TCP/IP services, but since the network is client-to-client with no server, this ad hoc network can not be used for LAN access or ICS (Internet Connection Sharing).