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Internet Tethering over Bluetooth Setup on iPhone 3G and Windows Vista/XP Computers

Internet Tethering over Bluetooth Setup on the Second Computer

11. When all the three computers have been connected to the iPhone 3G as a PAN NAP/PAN server, the Network Map shows all Windows Vista computers connected to the iPhone 3G as an Internet gateway. The Windows XP computer is actually connected as well but not placed on the map.

Start > Control Panel > Network Map > Bluetooth Network Connection - Network 3 : Windows Vista computers (RIZ-PC and DESKTOP) are connected to the Internet via Switches and Gateway (iPhone 3G), LAPTOP (Windows XP) is not placed on the map.

Picture. The iPhone 3G is an Internet Gateway connecting all computers to Internet.

12. Besides sharing the iPhone 3G Internet connection, you can see shared files/folders/printers on other connected computers. Although the transfer speed is limited to 1 Mbps, but this capability is a plus compared to Internet Tethering over USB. You can use Internet Tethering over Bluetooth to make a small temporary (ad hoc) network in no time at home/work or on travel.

Windows Vista > Network folder : all three computers (DESKTOP, LAPTOP, RIZ-PC) are connected via iPhone 3G wireless access point.

Picture. All connected computers appear on Windows Vista Network folder.

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