How to connect Windows XP and Windows Vista computers using Ethernet cable?

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) setup : part 2

9. At this point, after both connections (the direct Ethernet connection and the broadband Internet connection) are active, we can start the ICS. On Network Connections folder, right-click the Internet connection that will be shared (Home Wireless Internet in this demo) and select Properties to open the Properties window. You can also do this by highlighting the Internet connection name/icon and clicking "Change settings of this connection" on the menu bar.

Windows Vista : Network Connections folder - opening Internet connection Properties by right-clicking its name/icon

Picture: Sharing a wireless Internet connection from Network Connections folder
on the ICS host computer (DESKTOP - Windows Vista).

On the Sharing tab of the Internet connection Properties, under Internet Connection Sharing check the box near "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection". If you don't see the Sharing tab on the Properties window that contains Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) options, your LAN (direct Ethernet connection) is not active. You have to fix it first.

If you have more than one network adapters installed in your computer besides the one used for Internet connection, you will see a drop-down box to select a private network connection from the provided choices. Under Home networking connection:, select the Local Area Connection that corresponds with the Ethernet card that is used for the direct connection from the drop-down box.

Windows Vista : Local Area Connection (Home Wireless Internet) Properties - Allow other network users to connect through this computer Internet connection under Internet Connection Sharing. Home networking connection: Select a private network connection.

Picture: Enabling ICS from the Home Wireless Internet
(Local Area Connection) Properties.

In our demo, the shared Internet connection is a broadband Internet (ADSL) that's connected to the ICS host computer via a home wireless hotspot. However, you can share any type of Internet connection, even a slower Internet connection (such as PSTN/ISDN dial-up or GPRS), some type of mobile broadband (3/3.5/4G such as HSDPA, EVDO, WiMAX) or the fastest FTTH broadband connection using the above procedures. For this purpose, find the related Internet connection name/icon on the Network Connections folder.

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