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Internet Tethering over Bluetooth Setup on iPhone 3G and Windows Vista/XP Computers

Internet Tethering over Bluetooth Setup on the First Computer

7. Now the first computer is connected to the iPhone 3G and Internet Tethering is active in the iPhone 3G as indicated by the blue band that appears on the top part of the iPhone 3G screen (status bar). This computer can start browsing the Web and share files/folders/printers if you want. Since theoretically, a PAN NAP (Network Access Point) can connect up to 7 (seven) devices to LAN/Internet, you can add another computer to this network. While tethering those computers to Internet, the Safari mini browser on the iPhone 3G can still be used to surf whatever websites you like if the speed during sharing is still acceptable to you. Moreover, you can make/send and receive phone calls or SMS during an active Internet Tethering session.

Windows Vista > Network Connections > menubar : Organize - Views - View Bluetooth network devices - Disconnect this connection; Bluetooth Network Connection 6 Connected to iPhone.

Picture. Bluetooth Network Connection is connected to iPhone.

iPhone 3G screenshot: Settings > General > Bluetooth > 3G Internet- Tethering top blue bar, Bluetooth ON : Devices : DESKTOP Connected LAPTOP Not Connected RIZ-PC Not Connected. Now Discoverable.    iPhone 3G screen : 3G Internet Tethering : browing howstuffworks.com Quizzes    iPhone 3G home screen : 3G Internet Tethering top blue band with clock and battery position

Picture. While Internet Tethering is active, both the computer and the iPhone 3G can surf Internet.

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