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Internet Tethering over Bluetooth Setup on iPhone 3G and Windows Vista/XP Computers

Internet Tethering over Bluetooth Setup on the First Computer

9. From the Command Prompt, (by typing net view on the command line) all connected computers are listed on a simple table when I have finished the process of connecting two other computers. The result is the same with the content of Network folder which shows all three connected computers. By double clicking a computer name, you can open shared files/folders/printers stored in that computer.

Windows Vista > Command Prompt > C:\Users\admin\net view : Server Name (\\DESKTOP, \\LAPTOP, \\RIZ-PC) - Remark (Downstairs desktop, Notebook, none). The command completed successfully.

Picture. View all connected computers from Command Prompt.

Windows Vista > Start > Network folder : <menubar> Organize - Views - Network and Saring Center - Add a printer - Add a wireless device. 3 items of connected computers (DESKTOP, LAPTOP, and RIZ-PC) on Windows Explorer.

Picture. All connected computers on Network folder.

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